Eat like an Egyptian!

This afternoon, we have been learning about the Ancient Egyptian diet. We discovered that the River Nile helped the Egyptians to grow their own crops and they wouldn’t have survived without it. Interestingly, beer and bread were extremely important in the Ancient Egyptian diet. Both beer and bread were eaten by everyone with every single meal! We had a go at baking our own Ancient Egyptian flat bread – it was delicious!

Ancient Egyptian Nemes

Over the past two days, Year 5 have been learning about Egyptian Nemes. Egyptian Nemes were a type of headwear worn by Pharaohs in Ancient Egyptian times.

Traditionally they were striped blue and gold and featured a serpent in the centre. We have been creating our own Nemes suitable to use at a children’s birthday party. Some of us chose to create very traditional Nemes and others decided to go not so traditional!

The power of pulleys!

Today, we have been exploring pulley mechanisms and how the force of gravity enables them to function. Using all kinds of construction materials, we built our own pulleys and tested their strength using weights. We discovered that our pulleys needed to be strong and sturdy or they would simply collapse!

Making a splash!

This afternoon, we have been investigating which materials are most suitable to use to make a log flume ride. We decided that the material must be waterproof and buoyant. Here we are testing out lots of different materials for these qualities. Luckily, everyone was very sensible so no-one got too wet!